In today’s market it is getting easier to find inspectors because there are so many: so many unemployed, weekend warriors, or part-timers. Unfortunately, many are going out of business or barely hanging on. Many have dropped every expense including insurance and have a part-time job, completing inspections as they can on weekends or evenings to bring in extra money.

There is also an increase in the recently unemployed taking advantage of franchise opportunities or starting their own inspection company because of the limited licensing and regulation in our industry. Add to this the massive influx of foreclosure inspectors beginning to advertise inspection services, many of which are contracted to conduct drive by inspections on behalf of lenders and banks; Many sound great over the phone, have excellent web sites, a professional report and much more, but their services do not meet any standards to be considered a home inspection.

In all, it is getting more confusing every day to choose an inspector with CONFIDENCE. How can the average consumer tell the difference? Where does this leave you: Out in the open and completely vulnerable to selecting an inexperienced, under-qualified, or uninsured company if you don’t ask the right questions.

To compound the problem you face, real estate agents are becoming more and more reluctant to refer an inspection company because many have experienced the fallout of an inspector that has either gone out of business or has no insurance.

You must be cautions and choose an inspection company that has proven the test of time and is financially stable in today’s market.
AmeriPro may be a little more expensive, but what is more important: The potentially high cost of a missed defect, or peace of mind?