Back to Basics

In a market where we are constantly trying to reinvent ourselves, sometimes we need to simply go back to the basics. Whether looking for likes and smiles from people we may not know, looking for ways to brand our businesses, attract more customers, and spending thousands of dollars trying to do it, there is no doubt we are in a different era. 10-12 years ago, my wife had taken the kids to Chick-fil-A for lunch, in her words, as an escape for the boys to ramble the jungle gym and a break for her. Juggling three kids that day and [...]

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Our Homes are Now Our Work and Play

To all our families and friends, Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone at this time as we all come to terms with the changes to our lifestyle and the enormous human impact of this crises. With schools and business’s closing, our homes are becoming places of education, work, play and so much more. The dynamics of our homes use and the relationship between you and your home is now much different. You may or will be spending more time indoors, cooking more, running electronics more, cleaning more than many of us have ever seen. The internal aspects of your [...]

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Buying a Home “As Is”

“You don’t need an inspection because you are buying an “AS IS” home.” We have heard this so many times from not only buyers of real estate but also, surprisingly, real estate agents. That is great, but have you asked yourself what the “As Is” really IS?! Not knowing the facts up front could COST YOU later. Here are some questions to ask yourself before you assume the risk of an “As Is” deal, priced too good to pass up. […]

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Compare Inspection Companies

In today’s market it is getting easier to find inspectors because there are so many: so many unemployed, weekend warriors, or part-timers. Unfortunately, many are going out of business or barely hanging on. Many have dropped every expense including insurance and have a part-time job, completing inspections as they can on weekends or evenings to bring in extra money. There is also an increase in the recently unemployed taking advantage of franchise opportunities or starting their own inspection company because of the limited licensing and regulation in our industry. Add to this the massive influx of foreclosure inspectors beginning to [...]

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You Should Know: Insurance Coverage

Because home inspection is not licensed, many inspectors do not carry insurance for their business. Most professional inspection companies carry general liability insurance. Some companies carry errors and omissions insurance, and depending on the size of the company, some, albeit few, will carry worker’s compensation insurance for their employee inspectors. Falling through an attic, roof accidents and electrical accidents are daily occurrences in the home inspection industry. Sellers will be more at risk for inspector injuries in the field when the inspector they have hired does not carry worker’s compensation insurance. In the last few years there has been a [...]

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