Inspection Types

Whether you are buying or selling your home, the AmeriPro standard home inspection is the one of choice. This inspection not only meets the state standards for home inspection but exceeds it at every level. For our clients, be prepared and make every attempt to attend the inspection to allow our inspectors to educate you, not only on the inspection findings but also on the home you are about to purchase.

Our inspectors methodically look at each home through a proven process designed to reduce the risk of home purchase to the highest level. We listen to your home, look for clues, identifiers, and other conditions not visible to the untrained eye, and test where we can, to determine the effectiveness of systems and components, as well as provide a comparison to comparable systems from other homes.

Our inspectors want to know your concerns, explain the inspection procedure, and educate you as part of the entire inspection process. Our inspectors are always available pre and post inspection to ensure you completely understand our findings and your final report.

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AmeriPro, unlike almost all inspectors, has inspected billions of dollars in commercial real estate and has experience with everything from 50 story buildings, apartment communities, medical and office, to strip malls. We have inspected all grades of investment buildings, and provide reports based on the client’s needs.

The first and most important component for large commercial inspections is to understand the client’s needs, the deliverable needed, and to create a data collection and inspection process to ensure these needs are accomplished.

For example, on larger multibuilding and apartment communities, we will first determine the number of units to be inspected based on varying conditions such as age, number of buildings, condition, etc., and then identify which units and locations within each building will bring the greatest return on risk prevention. At the same time, we will identify components that are most important from a data collection perspective, and create the unit inspection report to match the service request needs. Once finalized, we will deploy a team of inspectors to any location and have the capability through our proprietary technology to collect data and conditions real-time while centralizing the same with reporting for use by clients and future property managers through a secure login.

We offer varying types of reports, again customized for each client. For a small commercial office, medical and strip centers, we have a standard building inspection report, which can be augmented by a property condition summary with estimates and costs. For larger properties, we can complete a full property condition assessment. Reporting is determined by each client’s needs and all final deliverables are available for easy download, unit by unit, or all, through our secure online inspection management application.

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We at Ameripro are setting the pace for new and exciting inspection services using the latest in aerial (drone) photography to inspect multi-story, concrete tile, and steep slope roofs. This is a newer, faster and safer way to thoroughly inspect complex residential and commercial roofing systems. There is no roof we cannot inspect. The reports generated in conjunction with our drone roof inspections will pinpoint any damage or discrepancies found that would have otherwise had been missed if the roof was not completely walked. All inspectors employed at AmeriPro are Part 107 Certified through the FAA and follow all rules and guidelines. Click here to schedule your drone roof inspection today.

Many home buyers assume that because a home is New Construction, there will not be any problems or issues. Unfortunately, building a home is not like assembling a car or truck in the Ford plant. The ability to deploy the same level of oversight and quality assurance is not possible. There are too many variables and too many people touching the home at the same and different times. While builders today try to limit the warranty and latent defect issues, unfortunately these issues fall through the cracks all too often. Sub-contractors coming too early and dismantling or damaging other trades work, inspections delaying trades and resulting in expedited schedules, water intrusion around windows, stucco and stone installation defects, grading and roofing complications are only a few of the many issues that could arise. All are real situations, and all can result in increased risk for you, the new home owner.

How can you limit this risk? Of course, by having your own trained eyes and ears, during the construction process, or at the end if you have not been around during the construction period. It is a small price to pay for peace of mind.

We offer varying degrees of new construction inspections, as follows.

  1. Pre – concrete slab inspection
  2. Pre-drywall inspection
  3. Final inspection
  4. Warranty inspection
  5. Full construction monitoring inspection services

What makes us different is simple. We know construction. In our construction division, we have completed the framing of many projects, from 12,000 square foot day cares to 350-unit apartment complexes. We have completed siding, roofing and other work on these and many other properties. This experience is passed along to all our inspectors. We call it performance experience and code knowledge!

We do not do cosmetic new construction inspections. We do performance-based inspections based on the construction practices and finishes. What is required for stucco and decorative stone is different to siding and shingles. While we identify cosmetic paint issues such as paint drips, we are more concerned with paint thickness, number of coats, film thickness etc.,. While we may identify cosmetic issues with stucco, we are more concerned with stucco thickness, expansion joints, flashings and overall compliance to the ASTM standards. This is the biggest difference between AmeriPro and almost all others. As a client you must ask these hard questions when choosing an inspector to represent you. Cosmetic walkthroughs have little value to anyone and is a job you or your real estate agent can do. We pride ourselves in being our clients trusted company to perform this crucial inspection type.

This same approach also applies to our warranty inspections. As an example, we were involved with inspections for new construction in 2005 and provided information to the builders on issues that were present, only to be ignored by the same. When our clients came to sell in 2012, that same builder was left repairing thousands of dollars in stucco and stone repairs because it was reported on the inspection report correctly. If that client did not have an inspection, they may have been responsible 7 years later for this same latent defect.

Choosing an inspector for a warranty inspection has the same degree of importance as your original inspection. Builders love cosmetic walkthroughs that do not delve into the specifications of building code and standards.

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This is your termite inspection, mandated by your mortgage company. Our WDO Inspection services are coordinated through our sister company, AmeriPro Pest Control, and all of our inspectors are licensed to complete the same. All final reports are provided with photographs to enable you to understand the final inspection report and findings.

AmeriPro Pest Control offers many post-closing services before and after you move in, from pest control and bed bug inspections before you move in, to Sentricon termite elimination system, the best in the industry for termite prevention.

* AmeriPro Inspection Corporation is not a licensed Pest Control company. Our sister company AmeriPro Pest Control (license number JB279986) performs our WDO Inspections.

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When buying a home, we know most homeowners are looking at ways to maximize their buying options. Whether you are a first-time buyer starting a family, moving up or moving down, your decisions to purchase are all based on the same points of concern. How can you maximize your buying options? How much is this home going to cost? How can I get more home for the same budget? How can I get the home I want at the cheapest possible price and least risk? How can I make sure my home is comfortable?

In all of these questions, one simple way to get more home, get the lowest operating cost, and be more comfortable, is through knowing your second most expensive cost of operating your new home; your energy bill.

At AmeriPro we utilize the proven Home Energy Score program, developed by the Department of Energy. This is an unbiased survey and score, based on the homes existing components and fittings, that gives our clients the ability to understand what their new home is going to cost from an energy perspective, while making recommendations, sometimes simple and inexpensive, to help you reduce the cost and consumption of energy in your new home. Reduced operating costs equals more disposable income, more comfort levels and a better environment overall! It is truly a win-win across the board.

At AmeriPro, all of our inspectors are Certified Home Energy Score Assessors with the Department of Energy. We offer each and every client an unbiased Home Energy Score report to help them better understand how to manage their energy and operating cost of their single largest investment. This is not a Costco or Home Depot sales inspection. We will not be selling insulation or windows, nor roofing or doors. It is simply your unbiased report to help you again make informed decision on your new home, improvements and upgrades, and how to reduce costs by making simple adjustments.

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Experience has shown that many homeowners have suffered storm damage, only to have to pay for repairs themselves because it went unnoticed until the home or building was sold, and a buyer’s inspection was conducted. In addition, insurance adjusters may not find every issue regarding your insurance claim. Some may or may not enter your attic, or spend the time necessary to conduct a detailed inspection. Having your home or building inspected by an independent inspector qualified in building defects will give you the exact picture of your home or building to present to your adjuster. Get what you deserve and make sure your home or building is fixed correctly.

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Are you spending a lot of money remodeling, adding on to or conducting remediation repairs to your home without proper representation? How do you know if the quality is acceptable or not? Are you relying on the building contractor or remediation company to oversee their own work? A professional inspector qualified in building construction can ensure that works in progress are conducted in the manner and quality needed for your peace of mind.

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Experience has shown that many condominium associations have suffered at the hands of incompetent contractors and/or mismanagement of funds for construction repairs. The lack of quality control has resulted in money being consistently spent on short-term repairs or sub-standard work. Are you losing control of the condo association fees? Are you making sure that repairs are being conducted correctly and completely? Having an owner’s representative qualify repairs or outline the exact condition of each building or issue is far cheaper than uncontrolled spending.

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Are you sensitive to allergens? Did your new home suffer flooding during the recent hurricanes and had major restoration conducted? Are you concerned with mold or microbial related issues with your new home?

While visible mold behind the water heater, air handler or under sinks is a concern, of greater concern, is what we cannot see; what is in the air. At AmeriPro we offer precautionary mold testing services to all our clients. We provide a variety of testing services, such as air testing, swab, bulk, etc., the most common being air testing which tests the invisible spores you may be breathing in. Our minimum testing protocol requires at least one test per 1000 square feet inside, or within 5 feet of the air handler and one exterior test. Our objective is to compare the test results inside to the mold count outside, ensuring that no toxic mold spores are found on the test results.

At the time of inspection, this inexpensive service provides additional peace of mind for all our clients.

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AmeriPro purchased its first Infrared camera in 1999 for almost $10,000. Times have changed since, and those same cameras with the same quality are available for approximately $1000. AmeriPro made this move many years ago because, like moisture meters, Infrared cameras are an essential tool for every home inspector today.

While infrared is great for marketing and gives customers the wow feeling, this is not what we are aiming to do at AmeriPro. We simply want to have the tools to eliminate your potential risk. Infrared is not used to find the risk, it is used to expand the inspection service. Nothing can take the place of an inspector’s senses; the infrared camera will augment these senses and provide better reporting methods and evidentiary back-up.

Infrared cameras detect variations in temperature and humidity due to overheating fuses or disconnects, missing insulation, leaking windows, water intrusion, ductwork leaks etc. without destructive investigations. Some compare the service to an X-ray, and while this is not the case, the photographs are similar in nature. Interpretation of the infrared findings are crucial. Knowing when cold or hear is a problem in the pallet/photo is the difference between knowing if water is entering or not. This is where we are different. We just don’t take Infrared scans and photographs for marketing purposes. We take them for risk prevention purposes.

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AmeriPro has extensive experience in all forms of Roof Inspections / Estimates including roof replacement inspections, roof leakage inspections, infrared roof inspections, and more. Roofing systems are one of the primary components protecting your home or building from the elements. Having an independent roof inspection to diagnose a roof issue, or prior to making the final payment to the contractor for maintenance or replacement repairs, may mean the difference between a having confidence in a functional roof, or incomplete/incorrect repairs that may mean additional repair or replacement, costing you thousands of dollars.

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Have you suffered as a result of incomplete siding or stucco applications? Do you now have to spend thousands of dollars fixing these issues? Client representation will help to eliminate these problems from reoccurring. This type of inspection can be carried out at the end, or throughout the entire project.

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Are you experiencing problems with your new home or building? Have you spoken to an attorney? Expert witness reports must stand up in court.

AmeriPro has a team of qualified inspectors to provide expert witness testimony and are ready to assist you at a moment’s notice. If your have any questions or would like a consultation, please call our office for further details.

AmeriPro was one of the first inspection companies involved in the wind mitigation industry and My Safe Florida Home Program, and has completed thousands of wind mitigation inspections across the state since this time.

The objective of these reports is to incentivize homeowners to make upgrades and receive insurance discounts. The problem is that your home may already qualify for discounts on your insurance that you are not aware of and you are paying too much for your insurance. If you have a new roof, then this inspection is a must. In almost EVERY instance a wind mitigation report will save more on insurance, sometimes many times more, than the cost of the inspection and report itself.

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4-point inspections are required by almost all carriers for homes over 30 years old in Florida. The goal is to provide information about the 4 main components of a home that can increase loss costs for insurance companies, including the roofing, plumbing, electrical and mechanical components. A 4 point covers all these requirements and must be completed and signed off by a licensed professional.

At AmeriPro all our inspectors are licensed and qualified to complete your 4-point inspection. All of our inspection reports are accepted by insurance carriers and all reports pass through a third-party quality assurance process to provide additional oversight and ensure the quality of information being passed to your insurance carrier.

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