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We have budget-friendly third-party quality assurance packages designed for builders, builder’s risk insurance carriers and homeowners alike. All have been designed to meet your needs and to provide the risk management protocols to limit latent defect claims, costly mistakes and other oversights.

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Take your time reviewing the standard programs we offer. These can be customized as needed to work for your home, requirements or policyholders.

Ameripro inspection Corporation has been conducting new construction quality control Punch out inspections since 1995. We have developed and delivered training programs to builders, real estate agents, inspectors and more relating to the building processes, the Florida building code and the effects of faulty construction practices, materials and moisture intrusion on completed construction. Ameripro inspection Corporation brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to any builder looking to increase the quality of their overall construction, hold subcontractors more accountable and to reduce the extent of warranty claims and their effect on branding and customer satisfaction across the board.

AmeriPro also understands that no builder or superintendent sets out to build anything with potential flaws. However, the demand of today’s builders and superintendents time is enormous. Juggling schedules, sub-contractors not showing and affecting production, materials delivery, reporting, code inspection etc. is all daunting and very time consuming. This coupled with trying to keep the cost of home owner ship down by superintendent’s having a large span of control, all have a bearing on the final product. This is where a third set of unbiased eyes is crucial.

AmeriPro has developed a suite of Third Party verification inspection services for new construction to serve our builders, their clients and builder risk carriers. The goal as always is to provide better oversight, increase quality, reduce unnecessary warranty claims, and enhance the branding and good will of every client we work with.

Here is an overview of our services:

Moisture intrusion and damage is probably one of the most expensive corrections any builder has to entertain post construction. And unfortunately the builder’s responsibility does not stop at the end of the one year warranty. In many instances we have observed builders returning many years later because the problems reported emanated from faulty construction.

Ameripro has witnessed firsthand hundreds of occasions, builders going back and spending millions of dollars for moisture damage that could’ve been avoided had better oversight or supervision taken place during the original construction process. We have worked with builders and owners alike and our experience is invaluable to our clients.

With this experience, Ameripro has put together a moisture control and management verification process from a third-party quality control and oversight perspective for the benefit of all parties in the contract.

AmeriPro’s process involves the observation and documentation of key areas within and around the external envelope which lead to premature failures and potential liability. AmeriPro’s field technology documentation and reporting clearly outlines the concerning conditions found during the construction process at that time, providing backup photographs with reference to the respective trades. Clearly identifying the issue with the respective trade makes communication of corrections and remediation much simpler and clearer for all concerned.

From our experience we have found many advantages with regard to implementing such a preventative moisture control policy. The following is a brief outline of those same advantages.

  • Your contractors will commit to a higher standard because of the oversight being enforced during the construction process. This leads to higher quality, speedier construction and less expensive callbacks.
  • Accountability can be tracked based on trade identification and reporting on a last in perspective. This enables builders to hold those accountable that may have affected quality work conducted by the previous sub-contractor.
  • Centralization of all photographs, documentation, manufacturer specifications, permit information and any other documentation collected during the verification process makes future research, claims reviews and trending of red flags much clearer.
  • Your customers will be far more confident and comfortable with your product, based on a sincere dedication and commitment to quality and a doing it right the first time. This leads to much happier customers and increase referrals.
  • An overall reduction in warranty claims callbacks and a far less likelihood of potential moisture intrusion and damage to the interior areas.

To help integrate and implement such a program, Ameripro Inspection Corporation provides the following to each builder they are working with.

  1. Access to our management systems for tracking and reporting the status of any project under verification and monitoring.
  2. Hands-on training for support and field staff in relation to the inspections being conducted and the systems being implemented.
  3. Customize reporting and documentation based on any particular need or a series of needs by any builder.
  4. Centralization of all reports, photographs, manufacturer information or any other documents collected as part of the verification process.
  5. Technical training to field service staff and superintendents.
Ameripro Inspection Corporation has conducted thousands of pre-drywall inspections throughout its career. Our experience covers everything from commercial concrete frame, residential masonry and wood frame structures to cast in place and tilt up assemblies.

While construction practices and methods may vary, the third party verification process is almost always the same. Determine the construction in question, the specific requirements outlined on the construction documents and manufacturer specifications, including the truss engineering if appropriate, and verify that the home or building is being constructed in accordance with the correct standards, construction practices and as designed.

Being able to identify construction issues early saves so much time, energy and wasted resources down line. Examples include incorrectly placed walls, off plumb walls, missing filled cells, unprotected wiring, nail penetrations to plumbing systems, incorrectly placed drainage lines, missing flashing, roof materials, framework or reinforcement, or damage to any system or component as a result of sub-contractor mis-scheduling..

Ameripro can conduct a detailed pre-drywall inspection and include any of the following services depending on the builder’s needs. Here are examples of some of the inspection services.

  1. Evaluation of truss installation based on engineering documents.
  2. Evaluation of plumbing systems based on construction drawings and installation practices.
  3. Evaluation of electrical installation based on construction drawings and installation practices.
  4. Evaluation of roofing systems and associated flashings based on construction and drawings, manufacturer specifications and installation practices.
  5. Evaluation of exterior moisture barriers, flashings and sealants based on construction drawings, manufacturer specifications and installation practices.
  6. Evaluation of HVAC system based in construction drawings, manufacturer specifications and installation practices.

Our Ameripro inspector will review all visible components and installation practices and provide a detailed report of any potential issues that need to be corrected by the associated trade concerned.

Ameripro inspection Corporation has been conducting new construction quality control Punch out inspections since 1995. We have developed and delivered training programs to builders, real estate agents, inspectors and more relating to the building processes, the Florida building code and the effects of faulty construction practices, materials and moisture intrusion on completed construction. Ameripro inspection Corporation brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to any builder looking to increase the quality of their overall construction, hold subcontractors more accountable and to reduce the extent of warranty claims and their effect on branding and customer satisfaction across the board.

Our inspectors are trained to identify construction deficiencies of all calibers and to properly associate each deficiency with the correct trade or number of trades. This is crucial as it connects the accountability chain during the construction process and makes all those aware of their responsibility and the increased cost of erroneous mistakes. Sub-contractors quickly learn from their work commitment and make alterations to eliminate expensive oversight corrections.

At the end of construction, the Ameripro inspector will provide comprehensive inspection and detailed report outlining the deficiencies found, the associated photographs and backup documentation, identifying the relevant trade needed to correct the issues and deficiencies found.

Conducting final punch out inspections prior to closing and holding sub- contractors accountable, ensures expensive, disruptive and unnecessary warranty call backs are eliminated.

The following is an overview of the Ameripro inspection Corporation new construction Punch out inspection program.

  1. AmeriPro Inspection Corporation has developed a “Detailed 360-Point Walk-Through Certified Inspection Program and Report” for all of our new construction clients.
  2. Will hold subcontractors more accountable and increase quality of construction overall.
  3. Will reduce expensive and unnecessary callbacks during the warranty period.
  4. Will increase customer satisfaction based on higher quality construction and removing disruptive and unnecessary warranty call backs.
  5. Data collected during the process will be centralized on the Inspection Depot Management System for builders which can used data to red flag potential issues with their vendor personnel or building designs.
  6. Reduced overhead and higher profitability based on third-party vendor oversight.
Ameripro inspection Corporation provides whole building air barrier testing, referred to as blower door testing to building and property owners. Ameripro uses proven standards and methodologies in conducting air barrier testing, including those as outlined in the various ASTM standards, ISO test methods and other proven technologies.

Early identification during the construction process is crucial to ensure that any unnecessary penetrations or un-necessary openings are corrected by the respective trade. Once corrective measures are taken the final air leakage test will be conducted at the end of construction. The Ameripro inspector will use experience and knowledge in addition to all tools available, including blower door testing equipment, infrared technology, moisture metering and humidity devices to complete the necessary inspection and report for each property being evaluated.

Completed inspection reports will document the findings of the inspector, associate all findings to the respective trade, and provide ample supporting documentation and photographs.

Mold has played havoc with builders and new construction over the last 15 years. Much has changed with the methods of identification, inspection protocols and reporting to help mitigate any mold issue however what is not changed is the cost of mitigating the issue and most often the causes.

Builders all shriek when they get the call on a closed home that says I can smell mold, my wall is leaking, there is water on my ceiling, etc. These calls are all related to water intrusion issues that can lead to possible mold concerns, which many times could’ve been avoided with better construction practices.

Ameripro inspection Corporation provides unbiased moisture intrusion a mold assessment services customized for each situation at hand. Ameripro will provide reporting of the conditions found, and include all photographs and verification documentation and related to the damaged areas concerned. Ameripro inspectors will use infrared thermography, mold testing processes in addition to moisture and humidity testing in documenting a mold or moisture related issue.

The following is an outline of more granular – specific inspections, that many times are combined with the inspections outlined prior.

  • Site Inspections – This Inspection is performed after the lot has been cleared and the building soil pad has been set in place. This is performed to assure all vegetation has been removed in all areas where the building foundation will be placed for a minimum of 12”. In addition, a visual inspection to assure all hazardous materials have been removed and/or located and disclosed is conducted. Grading practices and much more is reviewed.
  • SWPP – This is a Storm Water Pollution Prevention program in which we perform an evaluation of the erosion control, silt fencing, entrance and exit protections, check for temporary seeding or sod, and much more. Foundation Footings and Stem Walls This is an inspection performed to assure that all footings and stem walls have been constructed per engineer’s design and applicable building codes. We assure that the proper sizes, placement, steel, etc. for the footings have been followed.
  • Slab on Grade/Foundation – This inspection takes a look at all the footing sizes, the quantity of reinforcing steel and more before the concrete is poured to assure that all are per engineer’s design and meet applicable codes and construction industry standards.
  • Concrete Placement Monitoring – We are on site for the duration of the concrete pour to assure that the proper mix design, batching time, slump, and fiber mix have met the engineer’s design, contractor’s orders, applicable codes and industry standards. We also observe the proper placement techniques and check that all reinforcing steel and welded wire mesh (if used) is placed properly.
  • Concrete Masonry Units/Bond Beam and Reinforcing Steel – A thorough inspection is performed to assure that all CMU’s have been properly placed. We check that the mortar joints have proper widths. We also check that all reinforcing steel has been placed properly with correct sizes, grade, and quantity and more. We make sure that the engineer’s design, applicable codes, and industry standards have been met.
  • Roof/Wall/Floor Sheathing – This inspection is performed to verify that the fasteners and sheathing have the correct spacing, size, and placement. In addition, we identify that the correct sheathing thickness is used and that the sheathing is not over-spanning its intended use. We locate and identify the construction defects before they are covered by the weather barriers in order to aid the contractor to orchestrate proper repairs.
  • Large Truss Placement Monitoring – Current building code requires any truss larger than 30’ in length to be monitored during installation. We are onsite for the installation and assure that the recommendations of the HIB-91 and the BCSI-03 have been followed in order to reduce construction defects.
  • Structural Engineering of Trusses and Framing – This inspection is performed after the roof framing and uplift resistance hardware have been installed, but before the mechanical, electrical and plumbing trades have performed their rough in. We look at all the load-bearing walls, headers, truss placement, bracing, uplift resistance straps, etc. to assure they have been properly installed. This helps identify problems early so that repairs can be facilitated without the removal of the ductwork, electrical wire, plumbing, etc. All work is inspected to assure compliance with engineer’s design, contractor’s orders, and industry standards.
  • Roof/Wall/Floor Framing – This framing inspection is performed to verify proper wall construction, stair construction, floor systems, draft stopping, fire blocking, cabinet blocking, shower and tub enclosure wall construction, and others meet the engineer’s design, applicable codes, contractor’s quality and requirements, and industry standards.
  • Underground Mechanical/Electrical/Plumbing – The underground/under-slab mechanical chases, electrical conduit, and plumbing are checked during this service for proper installation and pitch. This inspection is done to assure the builder that the engineer’s design, applicable codes, and industry standards as well as the contractor’s orders have been followed.
  • Mechanical/Electrical/Plumbing Rough In – This inspection is performed before the frame inspection has occurred or at the same time to make sure that proper techniques for installation have been followed such as the proper protection, pitch, placement and locations, etc. We assure that it meets all design applicable codes and industry standards. This service significantly aids in reducing call backs, rejected municipal inspections and warranty claims.
  • Mechanical/Electrical/Plumbing Final – We check for the vents, receptacles, fixtures, smoke detectors, and more to assure proper placement and installation.
  • Pre-Foundation Vapor Barrier Inspection – This inspection is performed before the placement of foundation concrete. We observe that the proper material has been used and that all areas requiring the vapor barrier are properly covered. We assure that all tears and holes have been sealed and that all overlaps are properly taped.
  • Weather Barrier Inspection – We perform a visual inspection to assure that the house wrap has been properly installed and nailed, all penetrations have been sealed, and the windows and doors have been properly wrapped to assure optimal performance for the prevention of moisture intrusion. Furthermore, ensure that all windows and doors have been properly caulked and all masonry mortar joints have been properly filled.
  • Window, Door and Bucks; Caulking and Overall Impermeability – We perform this inspection to verify that the caulking and sealants used on the windows and doors has been properly applied. We check the thresholds of the exterior doors to verify they have been set in a bead of caulking. We observe that the types of material used for bucking the windows are correct in dimension, type, and that they have been properly attached and caulked.
  • Roof System Underlayment and Associated Flashings – A roof system can be one of the key elements in preventing moisture from entering the home. That’s why we perform an inspection in the beginning stages of this system’s installation. We inspect the material to verify it’s correct. We make sure that it is fastened properly. We verify that all Secondary Water Barriers and Peel and Sticks have been properly applied. We observe that all associated valley flashings, step flashings; side wall flashings, etc. have been installed correctly and sealed.
  • Roof System Final – We perform this inspection to ensure that all the roof materials have been installed correctly and meet all applicable codes and industry standards. We make sure that all associated flashings, vents, and lead boots have been properly installed.
  • Moisture Intrusion Final – This inspection can be a vital inspection to aid in the prevention of future moisture intrusion. This inspection encompasses all exterior envelope cladding systems. We inspect the exterior wall finishes, penetration sealants, window and door caulking, roof systems, and more.
The Ameripro Management system for new construction services, provides tracking, reporting a modules and a report builder to enable us to customize any program, trend any findings and centralize everything think for secure to access for all concerned.

This means that we can completely customize inspection reports for your company based on your needs. Our automated in-house auditing and validations embedded in each report also reduce the inaccuracies of reporting that many builders have been plagued with over the years.

All the data we collect enables you, as a builder or contractor, to pinpoint problems with construction details, specific projects, certain house plans, individual superintendents and even make corrections to future designs.

We give you 24/7 access to your data, inspection reports and quality assurance reports. We are continually enhancing the functions and features to ensure your risk is further minimized.
By knowing where repeated mistakes are made, we know we can help you eliminate waste and reduce your costs even more.