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Buying a newly constructed home is much different than buying an existing home.

Unlike sellers, builders have strict requirements of the inspector hired to visit the property. Sellers of existing homes assume the risk of inspector accidents every day in their homes, some of which have already paid the price. Builders will not assume this risk. In order for an inspector to set foot on a builder’s home site, they are required to confirm not only general liability insurance coverage, but also worker’s compensation insurance. Copies of the same showing the builder in question as a certificate holder on the insurance policy are also requested.

At AmeriPro, we carry these insurances for your protection and meet these requirements. Just let your scheduling representative know the builder you are working with and we will coordinate the rest.

Your choice of inspector is even more important for new construction because not only is the experience and qualifications of your inspector essential, but having code knowledge and how it applies to the location you are building in is critical.

A simple question to ask your inspector is, “Do you cover codes in your inspection service?” Nine out of ten inspection companies will quickly remind you that they do not do a code inspection. We would then ask, “What are they going to inspect for you if they don’t outline codes!?” Many inspectors will offer cosmetic walkthroughs. You do not need to pay $300-400 for an inspector to put tape on paint drips, check the door handles or operate the stove. These are all common sense inspection and quality issues that any homeowner can do on their own. These inspection services are of little value to anyone.

Don’t be fooled by false promises or advertisements. Make sure you research your inspector and are confident that he has both the performance inspection experience and the code knowledge to deliver the service promised to you.

What you should be paying for is an inspector with product performance knowledge, systems and application know how, general construction wisdom and code experience. Get the most for your money by choosing the right inspector for you and your home.

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