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As a building consultant we can help in many ways. Here is just an example of our services:

Construction Management/Project Management
Random Contractor Repair Approvals
Developer Handover Inspections
5 Yearly Inspections
Capital Improvement Verifications
Insurance-Related Inspections
Wind Mitigation Inspections
40-Year Verifications
Third-Party Quality Assurance
Mold Screening and Assessment
Infrared Diagnostic Evaluations
Roof Verification Inspections
Siding/Stucco Evaluations

Construction Management/Project Management - HOA / Apartment Community Representation

HOA’s spend millions of dollars every year on capital and maintenance expenditures for their communities. In many cases, the entire contract and budget are managed by the building contractor doing the work and NOT an independent quality assurance company that is employed to represent the association before, during and after the building contract.

From an association’s perspective, there must not be a conflict of interest between the third party construction management company and the building contractor for the works being conducted. When an application for payment is made by the contractor for $125,000, 25% of work done, then this work needs to be approved by an independent company to ensure that money is well spent, not only based upon completion, but based upon the completion of the work to the quality we help you outline and specify.

When issues arise with a contract, the association needs representation. You can’t go at it alone. Whether you need payment certificate approvals, quality control inspections, specification writing, contract management or defects liability assessment, AmeriPro’s inspectors are here for you throughout the construction process.

Here is a brief overview of our construction management services:


Meet with associations and discuss client’s needs.
Analyze community and prepare a thorough assessment of project including anticipated budget, risks, contractors, timing, contract period, contractor selection issues, etc.
Once association approval achieved, prepare contract documents, specifications, works schedules, contract preliminaries, etc. to be used for bidding purposes.
Arrange contractor selection meetings with association and set release dates and bidding period.
Review all submitted bids, analyze breakdowns of builder’s costs and their preliminary inclusions such as closed off storage areas, containers, temporary buildings, health and safety issues, work hours, etc. Request additional information from contractors as needed and prepare bid recommendation report for HOA to approve and appoint a contractor.
Contractor selected and signed off with HOA/Apartment Community attorney.
Set up pre-contract meeting with HOA representatives and contractor following a strict agenda of all contract and HOA requirements including cleanliness of site, work hours, tenant/owner interference, progress of work, program of works, quality of work, payment schedules and more.
Establish monthly progress meetings and complete minutes and forward to all for approval
Establish commencement dates and monthly meeting dates.
Document commencement date.

During Contract:

Conduct weekly or bi-weekly meetings as needed with the association to assess the quality of work.
Provide second opinion services for both the contractor and HOA for unforeseen work or change orders to be approved accordingly. Catalog and photograph progress and prepare monthly reports to HOA / Apartment Community as needed.
Establish monthly progress meetings, chair and complete minutes for all concerned parties accordingly.
Conduct builder’s payment request inspections and approve certificate for payment upon successful punch list-free inspection.
Approve all change orders or specification diversions as needed with the HOA.
Provide onsite QA service full time if needed.
Provide owner/tenant communication during course of contract as needed.
Provide quality assurance throughout contract period as needed.

Post Contract:

Analyze builder’s final account, prepare approval for certificate for payment, documenting all change orders, queries, overages, etc. Special attention is paid to contingency Sums/figures allowed in contract for unforeseen/hidden damages.
Review all homeowner/tenant issues during the course of the defects liability period, typically 1 year. Organize with contractor for repairs accordingly.
Conduct an end-of-defect liability period inspection, prepare final punch list and deliver to HOA and contractor.
Provide QA review on a representative sample of completed work as needed from defects liability punch list.
Approve final release of holding money and defects liability to building contractor upon completion and inspection of punch list.
Participate with HOA/Apartment Community as need throughout the 1-Year Defects Liability period.
The above process will vary in structure and complexity from project to project. Smaller projects need far less involvement and may only need a sampling process from a quality assurance perspective.

That said, your project, no matter how large or small, needs an independent quality assurance party representing your interests at every step. Having third party quality assurance and independent construction management representation is a must for all HOA/Apartment Communities to ensure the quality of work being conducted, to prevent contract overages and guarantee your money is spent appropriately.

AmeriPro has experience in this field and is more than capable of helping HOA’s, property managers and apartment managers control the costs and quality of construction with every project.

Random Contractor Repair Approvals

Experience has shown that many repairs conducted by HOA’s or apartment communities are not completed 100% or if finished, not completed correctly. In these cases, repairs made will fail prematurely or worse, cause ADDITIONAL issues increasing your original expense to the association and its members, often incurring dreaded special assessments.

Why not bring in a third-party quality assurance program to protect your interests? You will not be let down, but your contractors may be a little upset. We will actually save you MUCH more than the cost of our services.

In random repair approvals, we inspect every 10th repair (or a representative sample depending on the size of the project) for compliance with standard practices and relevant codes. We examine all of the contractor’s paperwork including invoices, proposals, permits, etc. Upon completion of review, we report to the HOA or property manager on the quality and/or completion of repair so that payment is made appropriately and with confidence.

This ensures your contractors are held accountable and repairs are completed with quality. It also goes a long way to assure owners of the investment you are making in your community and raises the standards of construction quality.

Capital Improvement Verifications - Improvements underway or just starting

So many times we have been called out to discover HOA’s replacing roof coverings or siding prematurely or the nightmare of a small repair turned into a major issue overnight bursting the budget previously approved. In these cases, hiring us before the project began could have saved these associations’ time and money. But just because we aren’t working for you from the beginning, doesn’t mean we can’t help.

If your project is already underway and you are inundated with owner or tenant complaints, cost overruns, change orders, quality control issues and much more, don’t delay, bring us out to help. It is never too late. Your contractor is still onsite, works are still ongoing, and a third party quality assurance approach will shift the playing field to your advantage.

Having a professional review and report issues, deal with the contractor and the quality problems, approve the cost overruns, contractor payment requests, code violations and much more, is far less stressful and expensive on HOA’s and apartment communities than the accelerated costs associated with not doing anything. If you choose the latter of going on your own, you run the risk of premature failures and special assessments before they are due!

Third-Party Quality Assurance

Are you spending money remodeling, adding on to or conducting remediation repairs to your buildings without proper representation? How do you know if the quality is acceptable or not? Are you relying on the building contractor or Remediation Company to oversee their own work? Who is approving change orders? Who is making sure the manufacturer’s specifications are being followed or the selected products are actually being used? These are only a few areas where hiring a professional inspector qualified in building construction and project management can help you ensure that improvement works starting or in progress are conducted in the manner and quality needed for the peace of mind your HOA or apartment community deserves.

Whether it is a unit owner remodeling or the association under a planned maintenance approach, you need our help.

Many HOA’s try this on their own and work with a contractor to remodel the community center, update shutters, or conduct the 5-year decoration contracts. All typically involve hundreds of thousands dollars with no third party quality assurance or representation at all. For more information on our services and your risks refer to Construction Management/Project Management - HOA/Apartment Community Representation, and Random Contractor Repair Approvals and Capital Improvement Verifications.

At AmeriPro, we offer a third-party quality assurance program to protect your interests. With this service, we can inspect the production on a weekly basis, review and negotiate change orders, approve builder payment requests, prepare qualified punch lists, consult with vendors, sub-contractors and more to ensure your money is spent appropriately. We know our services will save you thousands of dollars AND improve the quality of the finished product.

Don’t let inexperience cost you thousands of unnecessary dollars. Let AmeriPro protect you from the beginning to the end of your contracts.

Click Here for more information on third party quality assurance for new construction.

Developer Handover Inspections

Have you suffered from an improper condominium conversion handover? Are you spending thousands of dollars correcting developer construction issues? This is very common, particularly for condo conversions! Your homeowners end up paying the price.

Have you completed your developer handover inspection? Have you documented the outstanding conditions that fall under the developer’s responsibility? AmeriPro can ensure this is taken care of professionally. It is a small price to pay for making sure your investment is protected. You NEED an inspection to find, list and catalog the issues with your community so they can be addressed BEFORE the handover whenever possible.

We often take calls from associations where the developer handed over the community a while ago and they are now spending thousands of dollars correcting the issues. Our services and reports have enabled these communities to initiate litigation and recoup funds, but waiting until this stage is not recommended. Hire us at the outset.

We offer many services that can help you better protect and manage your association’s construction and repairs. Whether it is moisture intrusion issues, roof leakage, wall leakage, firewall damage, HVAC or plumbing issues, let a professional set you in the right direction.

Many companies advertise this service, but few have the experience to prepare the detailed reports needed to build your case. At AmeriPro, we provide a detailed report on a building by building or unit by unit basis as needed to ensure the exact condition and associated issues are recorded appropriately.

5 Yearly Inspections

Under new legislation, all condominium buildings must be inspected by structural engineers to ensure their soundness regularly.

At AmeriPro, we have licensed engineers to conduct this inspection service and all reports are packed with photographs and details for your reference.

Insurance-Related Inspections

At AmeriPro, we are equipped to conduct any insurance inspection, including shutter verifications, opening protection verifications, roof covering verifications, and much more.

In recent years, condominium complexes close to the ocean have seen major increases in insurance coverage. AmeriPro is one of only 9 companies in the State Florida appointed by the Department of Financial Services as a Wind Certification Entity and can help your association potentially reduce the wind portion of your insurance premium significantly. Call us today to find out more at (800) 991-0142.

Wind Certification Inspection - Wind Mitigation Inspection

AmeriPro Inspection Corporation is only one of 9 companies certified by the Florida Department of Financial Services to conduct My Safe Florida Home Inspections and wind mitigation inspections.

We have special discounted inspection fees for condominium associations and owners depending on the number of units or buildings conducting this inspection.

AmeriPro has developed a sophisticated online inspection application that not only ensures our inspectors are meeting the quality assurance requirements of our company, but also provides you the ability to access your report online where it is stored for 5 years. Your online account also allows you to request information, order inspections and much more.

We have excellent discounts available for condominium associations and provide a centralized resource for future reference and reporting as needed for all homeowners. If you would like a demonstration or more information please call us to set up an appointment.

40 Year Verifications

This service is required by some counties in the state of Florida. The fundamental purpose of this inspection is to confirm that the building or structure is safe for continued use under the present occupancy regulations. The inspection criteria is determined by each county, but typically includes structure, roofing, electrical and mechanical components.

Mold Screening Inspection / Pre-Sampling Mold Inspection / Moisture Intrusion

Almost all HOA’s and apartment communities have dealt with moisture intrusion and microbial activity and the significant costs associated with the same. In all cases we have seen, the HOA has submitted to doing whatever the contractor says needs to be done without stopping to question the validity or the expense, often because of the legal implications these issues lend themselves to.

At AmeriPro, we do not conduct any repairs, we are consultants only. That means that we do not benefit from the cost of the remediation, large or small.

Mold screening or sampling can be conducted as a precautionary measure to minimize risk or where issues are noted by owners, building managers, condominium associations, etc. Determining the requirements for actual mold-related issues is never straight forward as each case must be individually reviewed, so that we can prepare an effective sampling and assessment plan. Where you know you have a mold problem, it is very important that we are informed of all the details of the problem.

When mold screening assessments or sampling is conducted as a precautionary measure by new homeowners, investors, commercial purchasers or owners to minimize the risk of microbial issues with the building they are buying, renting or owning, it is not as difficult.

If your funds are being drained by a handful of remediation companies, maybe it is time to change and work with an independent company that represents you and oversees the works being conducted. Call today for more information.

Infrared Diagnostic Inspections and Water Intrusion

Are you spending literally thousands of dollars on moisture intrusion issues? Are you using remediation companies/contractors for analyzing the repairs or are you using a third party vendor that only provides independent consultancy services to their clients?

Moisture intrusion is a hot topic today because many HOA’s and apartment communities are suffering; having given companies an open checkbook to conduct so-called remediation repairs!

Refer to the information on Mold Screening Inspection / Pre-Sampling Mold Inspection / Moisture Intrusion. link to above

At AmeriPro, we can help by providing unbiased evaluations of the true condition of the issue at hand. We use infrared diagnostics as part of this analysis, but there is much more to consider!

With our state-of-the-art infrared diagnostic cameras, we can track leaks, evaluate building facades, analyze flat roofing materials, and determine plumbing defects to mention a few. We also back the cameras up with additional testing and tools, such as moisture metering devices, inner wall analysis, humidity testing devices and much more. We also use our infrared cameras to analyze electrical panels, switches, receptacles, aluminum wiring, and to determine vulnerable areas for leakage in roofing, wall surfaces, water heaters, HVAC equipment and much more.

If you are looking for unbiased reporting on building components and conditions, from a company that does not conduct construction work, then call AmeriPro as your third-party quality assurance provider. We know we can save you money and expense and reduce the open checkbook affair you have become accustomed to.

Storm Damage Inspections

Our insurance inspection experience has shown that many homeowners, apartment communities and condominium associations have suffered storm damage, only to have to pay for repairs themselves when the roof leaked prematurely or because it went unnoticed until the unit or building sold and a buyer’s inspection was conducted. Some insurance adjustors are not motivated to find every issue with regard to your insurance claim. Some may or may not enter your attic or spend the time necessary to conduct a detailed evaluation of your issue. Having your home or building inspected by an independent inspector qualified in building defects following damage after a storm will give you the exact picture of your home or building to present to your adjustor. Get what you deserve and make sure your home or building is fixed correctly.

AmeriPro offers affordable storm damage assessments for HOA’s and apartment communities. Having pre-storm documentation and post-storm reports is an excellent way to ensure you are protected when and where you need to be. We can also help you negotiate and settle claims with your insurance carrier by conducting an independent claims assessment from an actual construction perspective.

Roof Verification / Replacement Inspections

When presented with a contractor’s proposal to replace your roofs, have your association ever asked, “Do we really need to replace all those roofs?” or “Why do we keep experiencing leakage? Is the contractor doing it correctly?” At AmeriPro, we have dealt with enough HOA’s and Apartment communities to know that these are the common thoughts of its members and managers, but they are rarely mentioned aloud.

From experience, we know that many HOA’s do not have third-party quality assurance programs in place as they have historically relied on the builders and contractors to do their job.

Times are changing and many have suffered at the hands of these policies. Whether it was intentional shortcutting on the side of the builder or contractor or not, your community suffered the consequential expense

At AmeriPro, we provide unbiased inspections and evaluations of all building components – including roofing systems. Don’t rely on what the contractor says, as this may not always be the case. If you are going to levy special assessments, make sure they are valid, the money is spent properly and a QA program is in place to protect the interest of the HOA or apartment community.

We can conduct independent roof replacement inspections, roof leakage inspections, infrared roof inspections, and more. Roofing systems are one of the primary components protecting your home or building from the elements. Having a roof inspection prior to making the final payment to a contractor may mean the difference between a functional roof or incomplete/incorrect repairs or replacements costing you thousands of dollars more than expected, earlier than expected.

For condominium associations or apartment complexes, you must secure an unbiased inspection; otherwise you will be paying for unwarranted repairs or worse, a new roof that is not needed!

Siding and Stucco Inspection

Siding and stucco repairs are a major budgetary expenditure of many apartment communities and condominium complexes. This is particularly true where the construction is wood frame. In many cases, keeping up with these repairs is almost a full-time job because of the nature of construction or quality. HOA’s and apartment managers are constantly approving and paying for piecemeal/Band-Aid fixes and they don’t even know it.

This is where a third party quality assurance program is essential. Refer to Construction Management/Project Management – HOA/Apartment Community Representation, Random Contractor Repair Approvals or Capital Improvement Verifications above for more information

For condominium associations or apartment complexes, securing an unbiased QA program or construction management program for larger works will certainly improve the quality of work and the approval and payment of contractor’s invoices for the same work.

Otherwise you will be paying for unwarranted repairs or new siding that is not needed!