Condo Association Inspections Overview
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Experience has shown that many condominium associations have suffered at the hands of incompetent contractors and/or mismanagement of funds for construction repairs. The lack of foresight and experience has led these associations to dip into reserve funds for short-term repairs or sub-standard work.
The association, for the most part, is not aware of this until the homeowners start experiencing premature failures such as roof leakage, window leakage, decay, termite activity and other serious problems. Don’t worry; it doesn’t have to be this way.

The money being spent annually on repairs deserves the attention of a professional building consultant to ensure that this work and other capital improvements are being conducted and completed in a qualified manner. It is no longer appropriate to leave this work to your resident contractor or the hired contractor. While these individuals may have knowledge, they do not necessarily have the skill to document the progress and quality control measures needed to protect your homeowner’s interests.
Are you already losing control of condo association fees? Are you currently making sure that repairs are being conducted correctly and completely? Having an owner's representative (Professional Building Inspection Consultant) qualify repairs, approve payment certificates for repairs or outline the exact condition of each building or issue is far less expensive than what you could face if left solely in the contractor’s hands.

At AmeriPro, we have the experience to protect you and your owner’s investments. With our help, you will have the peace of mind knowing your capital improvements and maintenance expenditures are properly invested. We offer many inspection types, from condition audits, to roof certifications and building contract representation and much more.
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