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This is a service we offer that is available to insurance carriers, banks, builders, lenders or any client bringing a volume of inspections. There are two programs which we currently offer.

Third Party Administrator

Under this program, we offer the client their choice of inspection companies and allow these companies to register and conduct their inspections through our application. Inspection Depot, Inc., acts as a third party administrator, ensuring that all inspections and inspectors are qualified through our system. It is not exclusionary, as any inspection company approved by the client can become a member, so long as they meet our minimum insurance, experience, training, and standard inspection business requirements.

Our clients benefit tremendously from standardized reporting and data collection, centralized storage of and access to information, quality assurance auditing on the data collected, and one point of contact for inspection questions or issues.

Inspection companies also benefit by having the additional oversight provided by our quality assurance team and application validations. We help limit their liability as well as our client’s. The QA review entails an in-house review of all submitted reports before approval/release and a random, quality control re-inspection program. Everyone wins.

For more information on this service, please send us your information by Clicking here. One of our representatives will contact you promptly.

Quality Assurance Re-Inspection Program

The second service we provide is a quality assurance re-inspection program. We are appointed by lenders, banks, insurance carriers, builders, homeowner associations and more to re-inspect properties previously inspected by another firm. Because of limited regulation in the inspection industry, reports and accuracy of data are often questioned by many of our clients. The goal of this program is to determine the performance of our client’s inspection management or property management companies to ensure they are receiving what they are paying for.

With this program, our clients get the peace of mind of a second set of eyes. For insurance carriers, it is probable that this service will save you millions of dollars based on our findings. For homeowners associations and property managers, we can save you thousands of dollars in incomplete or inflated repair findings, lower your remodeling bills or save you the headache and expense of replacing roof coverings prematurely. For banks and lenders, there are tremendous pressures to qualify your assets through an appropriate inspection program. Builders will receive higher quality and our program will enable you to hold your subcontractors to a higher standard.

With our QA re-inspection program, we will validate the quality, accuracy and integrity of your current contractor’s work/inspection.

For more information on this service, please send us your information by click here. One of our representatives will contact you promptly. Goes to contact us

With both programs, all of your inspection data is centralized on our validated inspection reporting system and accessible 24/7 by you and any users you approve to view your account. This is a service available to insurance carriers, banks and lenders that is two fold.

Quality Control Re-Inspections

Random, quality control re-inspections are offered as part of our inspection service to ensure the validity of our data, or to conduct second opinion inspections where previous inspections were red-flagged or rejected for possible invalid or incomplete data.