Don’t let a storm damage your insurance premiums

Your damage may not be extensive enough to get them involved. Schedule a home inspection today and get the full picture you need to make an informed decision

Keep your eye out for the following after a storm event

Tree + Fence Damage

Exterior / Siding Damage

Roofing Damage

Foundation Issues

Window Damage

Water Intrusion + Mold

All of these come in a wide range of severity and some damage might not be evident at all at first.
An AmeriPro Inspection will give you the answers your looking for and the information you need to make an informed decision before involving your insurance.

Experience matters when it comes to home inspections

A less experienced home inspector could miss something important or just as easily think something inconsequential is catastrophic leading to increased repair costs. AmeriPro is the most experienced team of inspectors in Florida and that experience translates to accuracy and savings for you!

Get the best report in the business to make the
most informed decision

With 29 years experience we’ve seen it all before.

A well trained and knowledgeable eye will see things differently. A less experienced inspector might make a huge deal of a nothing-problem and could miss something major. Accuracy matters.

Most Experienced in North Florida: Operating since 1995 no one else in the area has inspected as many houses and written as many reports.

Developed the best report available: There’s home inspection reports and then there’s AmeriPro’s custom reports. Photos, Videos you name it. We’ll even schedule a video call to walk you through what we’ve found so you’re never left in the dark.

Speed and satisfaction guarantee: Same day, next day reports and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We respect your time and will never jerk you around like some fly-by-night operations.

Experience augmented with technology.

We make sure all our inspectors are equipped with the latest and greatest equipment to catch even the smallest issues.

FLIR: Moisture intrusion isn’t always as obvious as bubbling wall paint and drips from fixtures. Subtle temperature differences reveal what the naked eye doesn’t.

Ground and Aerial Drones: Roofs, crawlspaces and deck supports are areas most commonly compromised by storms and can be tricky for people to access and document. Our inspectors are equipped with aerial and ground drones to capture images and thoroughly document even the most difficult to access areas of your property.

You’re not just getting an storm inspection,
you’re getting a partner

We care deeply about our North Florida Homeowner community and we won’t rest until your satisfied with
the service that you receive.

We Stand By Our Work

We genuinely care about the accuracy of our reports and stand by any and all reports that we write and inspections that we perform. Accuracy is paramount.

We Stand By Our Clients

A home is the biggest investment most will make in their life time and we’re committed to protecting that investment and bringing certainty to our clients.

Don’t take our word for it…

1.5k+ 5 Star Reviews

Over 29 years we’ve helped a lot of homeowners and thousands were impressed enough to leave us a review! We’d love for you to hear what they had to say!

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