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We believe the building inspector is the most important link in any real estate transaction, renewal or discount of an insurance policy, handover of a homeowners association, replacement of roofs for a condo association, foreclosure inspection preservation or any other process in which an inspector is hired.
Why do we believe this? The data collected by the inspector is used in the decision making process and most of these decisions are not small. Whether it is a buyer purchasing a foreclosure, a first time home buyer, an insurance carrier issuing insurance credits or assuming risks of older homes, or a homeowners association making a decision to conduct a complete replacement contract rather that a maintenance or repair contract. In almost every one of these examples, if a building inspector has been hired, his service is directly related to hundreds of thousands of dollars in risk for his clients.
Your decisions are made based on the inspector’s information. Therefore, data collection and accuracy is crucial. The wrong inspector may cost you significantly more than the inspection fee in the long run.

This reliance starts with the initial hiring, training and continuing education of every inspector - if the inspection company has a recruitment and training policy. If not, the inspector is probably a single operator with no standardized policies, systems or procedures, or an inspector who recently opened his business or purchased a franchise. Click Here for information on inspector experience.

Trying to accomplish perfection manually is virtually impossible. It is essential that you rely on a company with automated quality assurance programming and experienced inspectors.
  At AmeriPro, we have not only proven our ability to complete thousands of inspections over the years but we have also put this experience to work by developing a state-of-the-art quality assurance program built to provide the additional oversight every one of our clients deserve.
While we cannot eliminate every risk, we do our best for each our clients to significantly minimize your risk every time!