Performance Measures
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Below are some of the performance measures we check as part of our inspection program.

1. Error rate reporting.

2. Attic access reporting - comparing all inspectors’ inspections allows us to compare the percentage of attics being inspected overall against individual inspectors. Inspectors with lower percentages will be red-flagged automatically for additional quality control.

3. Customer Service Rating Index - depending on the type of inspection, this may or may not be used. It is based on a rated customer service evaluation. The goal is to catalog the inspector’s ability to deliver the service in the manner they are trained and we expect. The results are percentage based, and are compared to the overall company average. Customer satisfaction rating index numbers/percentages below a certain parameter will red-flag an under-performing inspector to enable retraining, additional quality control or termination.

4. Production reporting - outlines turnaround times of inspections, paperwork and more.

5. Issue management - this is crucial and involves the cataloging and tracking of all customer service requests and concerns from our web application and call center. All are tracked back to the inspector’s file online for retraining, additional quality control or termination.

These are only some of the measures we observe outlining the level of detail we maintain for every inspector in order to provide our clients with the most valid inspection report possible both from a technical and service perspective.