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Establishment of Ameripro
 The founder and CEO of AmeriPro Inspection Corporation, Mr. Michael Rowan, emigrated from Ireland in 1994 after almost 10 years of college and an apprenticeship in the building inspection and construction industry in Ireland and the UK. During that time, Mr. Rowan was involved in large portfolio inspection and modernization projects, some ranging in excess of 6,000 inspections; some buildings in excess of one million square feet; and some buildings in excess of 30 stories. Mr. Rowan finished his career in the U.K. as a Chartered Building Surveyor with the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors in addition to completing his post-graduate qualification in construction project management from Reading University.
After researching the building inspection industry in the United States, Mr. Rowan decided to establish a building inspection company in Jacksonville, Florida. After obtaining a General Contractor’s license, Mr. Rowan established AmeriPro in July 1995.
Since its beginning, AmeriPro has continually focused on customer service; quality products; advanced technology systems; and, most of all, an exceptional inspection service. While the company has experienced nearly 14 years of growth and success—and the inspection industry has changed dramatically—AmeriPro’s core values have remained constant.
Since 1995, AmeriPro has achieved many milestones. When the home inspection industry was relatively new and only approximately three out of ten resale homes sold included a home inspection, the availability of inspectors in the northeast Florida market was limited and the level of consistency in inspection practices was almost non-existent. At best, Realtor and consumer awareness of professional home inspections was very limited at that time compared to today.
Foundational Education & Awareness
 Because of the absence of a baseline standard for home inspections and inspectors, many real estate professionals had little experience with an acceptable minimum inspection report, or what the minimum qualifications were that should be recommended to their clients regarding the choice of a home inspector. More importantly, they had little knowledge of the objective of a home inspection with regard to risk assessment. The AmeriPro Team set out to overcome this through a strong and concerted effort to educate real estate professionals and the general public. Again, the focus of the effort was exceptional service and overall quality.
AmeriPro has successfully presented hundreds of educational seminars to both new and veteran agents, homeowners, property managers, builders and more. The result has been the establishment of a solid baseline for qualifications for the home inspection industry and more importantly, a level of expectation for the value, service and deliverable a home inspection provides. As a result of education, we now believe that nine out of every ten homes sold have an inspection.
Implementation of Technology, Marketing & Operating Procedures
 As AmeriPro grew, it continued refinement of the necessary systems and procedures required to sustain the company and the home inspection industry alike. As home inspectors are predominantly single operators throughout the country, the technology, training and business systems for large companies like AmeriPro were not available. Certainly, there were no “off-the-shelf” solutions available for AmeriPro to use to recruit, hire, manage, schedule, communicate, and prepare management or quality assurance reports for each function of the business. These technologies had to be developed and continually refined in-house at AmeriPro to ensure the core objective of our service, peace of mind, is achieved.
In order to overcome these constraints, AmeriPro researched and developed all the necessary technology systems to run its business. This included not only the field reporting applications available, but also office operational, human resources, quality assurance and management systems. In addition to technology systems, AmeriPro developed and implemented entire in-house inspector and staff training programs—now among the most respected and emulated in the industry.
In developing these systems and procedures, Ameripro has benefited from an outstanding experience and education that has resulted in our market leadership.
Company Growth and Facilities
 By 2001, AmeriPro had outgrown its current office facility and decided to build its own location in Jacksonville designed and built specifically for the company’s needs. This purposely designed building, served by new technology and systems, has been a major factor in AmeriPro’s growth.

The current AmeriPro facility includes a large classroom, a 2,000 sf call center, reference libraries for inspectors; development space, conference rooms and individual office space.
Market Leadership - Nationally
AmeriPro and its leadership has been able to “make a difference” in the industry either through association leadership or through helping individual inspectors throughout the industry. The CEO of AmeriPro has held many leadership positions, including committee membership positions within various associations. The following is a list of some of the positions held:
Past President of the Florida Chapter of the American Society of Home Inspectors. (2 years)
Director of the Florida Chapter of the American Society of Home Inspectors. (4 years)
Council of Representatives - National
Active Board Member (Director) on the Board of Directors for the Florida Association of Building Inspectors. (5 years)
Various committee chairs for the Florida Chapter of the American Society of Home Inspectors and Florida Association of Building Inspectors.
These positions have enabled AmeriPro to build tremendous relationships with many professional inspectors throughout the state and country.