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Are you sure you need to replace the roof or windows, repaint or re-stucco? Are you receiving advice and bids from builders and contractors and being steered in their direction? Make a decision based on facts, not influence.

At AmeriPro, we offer second opinion, third-party quality assurance reviews of any building, building component or assessment issue. Click here for information on our Third-Party Quality Assurance services. See below for information on roof verification inspections.

Roof Verification / Replacement Inspections

When presented with a contractor’s proposal to replace your roofs, have your association ever asked, “Do we really need to replace all those roofs?” or “Why do we keep experiencing leakage? Is the contractor doing it correctly?” At AmeriPro, we have dealt with enough building owners/managers to know that these are common thoughts, but they are rarely mentioned aloud.

From experience, we know that many building owners/managers do not have third-party quality assurance programs in place as they have historically relied on the builders and contractors to do their job.

Times are changing because many have suffered at the hands of these policies. Whether it was intentional shortcutting on the side of the builder or contractor or not, you suffered the consequential expense.

At AmeriPro, we provide unbiased inspections and evaluations of all building components – including roofing systems. Don’t rely on what the contractor says, as this may not always be the case. If you are going to levy special assessments, make sure they are valid, the money is spent properly and a QA program is in place to protect the interest of the building owners/managers.

We can conduct independent roof replacement inspections, roof leakage inspections, infrared roof inspections, and more. Roofing systems are one of the primary components protecting your home or building from the elements. Having a roof inspection prior to making the final payment to a contractor may mean the difference between a functional roof or incomplete/incorrect repairs or replacements costing you thousands of dollars more than expected, earlier than expected.

For building owners/managers, you must secure an unbiased inspection; otherwise you will be paying for unwarranted repairs or worse, a new roof that is not needed!