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Insurance Related Inspections
Maintenance Inspections - Maximize Your Investment Return
Storm Damage Inspections
40 Year Verifications
Mold Screening Inspection / Pre-Sampling Mold Inspection / Moisture Intrusion

Insurance Related Inspections

Whether you are a multiunit condominium building, high rise, or other commercial building, you need a qualified insurance inspection professional to help you.

At AmeriPro, we are equipped to conduct any insurance inspection, including wind mitigation, shutter verifications, opening protection verifications, roof covering verifications and much more.

In recent years, commercial properties close to the ocean have seen major increases in insurance coverage. AmeriPro is one of only 9 companies in the State Florida appointed by the Department of Financial Services as a Wind Certification Entity and can help you potentially reduce the wind portion of your insurance premium significantly. Call us today to find out more at (800) 991-0142.

Wind Certification Inspection - Wind Mitigation Inspection

AmeriPro Inspection Corporation is only one of 9 companies certified by the Florida Department of Financial Services to conduct My Safe Florida Home Inspections and wind mitigation inspections.

We have special discounted inspection fees for commercial buildings and owners depending on the number of units or buildings conducting this inspection.

AmeriPro has developed a sophisticated online inspection application that not only ensures our inspectors are meeting the quality assurance requirements of our company, but also provides you the ability to access your report online where it is stored for 5 years. Your online account also allows you to request information, order inspections and much more.

We have excellent discounts available for property managers and provide a centralized resource for future reference and reporting as needed for all occupants. If you would like a demonstration or more information please call us to set up an appointment.

Maintenance Inspections - Maximize Your Investment Return - Early Detection is the Key!

Many commercial building owners suffer as a result of deferred maintenance, which can be avoided.

In most cases, minor expenses turn into major repairs or retrofits because the situation has been left without proper upkeep for unnecessary periods of time. A small leak, left unattended or improperly repaired, can create major damage to the building structure and its finishes. Dilapidated exterior stairways, steps, fencing, windows and more all have the potential to deteriorate faster than normal if not maintained properly.

AmeriPro has developed an annual maintenance inspection program and reporting module to ensure these conditions are discovered as early as possible. Preventing unnecessary expenses will reduce your cost of building ownership and maximize your investment return.

Our detailed report will document all components and elements and outline the condition of the same for the entire building or number of buildings.

The main objective is that we help you to reduce your long term exposure by keeping up with your building’s health, and ensure typical maintenance is performed before situations get out of hand. Remember, early detection is the key to maximizing your return on investment.

Random Contractor Repair Approvals

Experience has shown that many repairs conducted by building owners/managers are not completed 100% or if finished, not completed correctly. In these cases, repairs made will fail prematurely or worse, cause ADDITIONAL issues increasing your original expense to the owners/managers, often resulting in lost rental income, increased vacancy rates and more.

Why not bring in a third-party quality assurance program to protect your interests? You will not be let down, but your contractors may be a little upset.

In random repair approvals, we inspect every so many units or repairs (we select a random, representative sample depending on the size of the project) for compliance with standard practices, quality and relevant codes. We examine all of the contractor’s paperwork including invoices, proposals, permits, etc. Upon completion of review, we report to the building owner/manager on the quality and/or completion of repair so that payment is made appropriately and with confidence.

This ensures your contractors are held accountable and repairs are completed with quality. It also goes a long way to assure owners of the investment they are making on their real estate is maximized for long term investment.

Capital Improvement Verifications - Improvements underway or just starting

So many times we have been called out to discover building owners/managers replacing roof coverings or siding prematurely or the nightmare of a small repair turned into a major issue overnight bursting the budget previously approved. In these cases, hiring us before the project began could have saved these individuals tremendous amounts of time and money. But just because we aren’t working for you from the beginning, doesn’t mean we can’t help.
  If your project is already underway and you are inundated with owner or tenant complaints, cost overruns, change orders, quality control issues and much more, don’t delay, bring us out to help. It is never too late. Your contractor is still onsite, works are still ongoing, and a third party quality assurance approach will shift the playing field to your advantage.
Having a professional building consultant review and report issues, deal with the contractor bidding and selection and the quality of works underway or problems, approve the cost overruns, contractor payment requests, code violations and much more, is far less stressful and expensive on building owners/managers than the accelerated costs associated with not doing anything. If you choose the latter of going on your own, you run the risk of wasting resources, premature failures, special assessments before they are due and more!

Storm Damage Inspections

Our insurance inspection experience has shown that many homeowners, apartment communities and condominium associations have suffered storm damage, only to have to pay for repairs themselves when a roof leaked prematurely or because storm damage issues went unnoticed for some time. Having your home or building inspected by an independent inspector qualified in building defects following damage after a storm will give you the exact picture of your home or building to present to your adjustor. Don’t rely on an insurance adjuster alone. They may not address the full building or have the technical know-how to identify faulty systems. Get what you deserve and make sure your home or building is fixed correctly.

AmeriPro offers affordable storm damage assessments for building owners/managers. Having pre-storm documentation and post-storm reports is an excellent way to ensure you are protected when and where you need to be.

40 Year Verifications

This service is required by some counties in the state of Florida. The fundamental purpose of this inspection is to confirm that the building or structure under consideration is safe for continued use under the present occupancy regulations. The inspection criteria is determined by each county, but typically includes structure, roofing, electrical and mechanical components.

Mold Screening Inspection / Pre-Sampling Mold Inspection / Moisture Intrusion

  Almost all building owners/managers have dealt with moisture intrusion and microbial activity and the significant costs associated with the same. In all cases we have seen, the owner/manager has submitted to doing whatever the contractor says needs to be done without stopping to question the validity or the expense, often because of the legal implications these issues lend themselves to.
At AmeriPro, we do not conduct any repairs, we are consultants only. That means that we do not benefit from the cost of the remediation, large or small unlike the contractors.

Mold screening or sampling can be conducted as a precautionary measure to minimize risk or where issues are noted by owners, building managers, condominium associations, etc. Determining the requirements for actual mold-related issues is never straight forward as each case must be individually reviewed, so that we can prepare an effective sampling and assessment plan. Where you know you have a mold problem, it is very important that you are proactive. These are projects that can be VERY expensive if not managed by independent qualified representatives.

  When mold screening assessments or sampling is conducted as a precautionary measure by new homeowners, investors, commercial purchasers or owners to minimize the risk of microbial issues with the building they are buying, renting or owning, it is not as difficult.
Typically we recommend following the Indoor Air Quality Associations (IAQA) standards, which suggests one sampling test per thousand square feet plus exterior baseline testing. These samples are sent to a laboratory for analyzation and reporting on the contaminants found.

These are baseline mold inspection evaluations designed to minimize the risk of mold contamination in your new home or building. They are typically based on visual inspections of the building in question and may or may not include testing.
If your funds are being drained by a handful of remediation companies, maybe it is time to change and work with an independent company that represents you and oversees the works being conducted. Call today for more information.

Infrared Diagnostic Inspections and Water Intrusion


Are you spending literally thousands of dollars on moisture intrusion issues? Are you using remediation companies/contractors for analyzing the repairs or are you using a third party vendor that only provides independent consultancy services to their clients? Moisture intrusion is a hot topic today because many building owners/managers are suffering; having given companies an open checkbook to conduct so-called remediation repairs!

At AmeriPro, we can help by providing unbiased evaluations of the true condition of the issue at hand. We use infrared diagnostics as part of this analysis, but there is much more to consider! Our senses are a critical part of this inspection.

With our state-of-the-art infrared diagnostic cameras, we can track leaks, evaluate building facades, analyze flat roofing materials, and determine plumbing defects. We also back the cameras up with additional testing and tools, such as moisture metering devices, inner wall analysis, humidity testing devices and much more.
We use our infrared cameras to analyze electrical panels, switches, receptacles, aluminum wiring, and to determine vulnerable areas for leakage in roofing, wall surfaces, water heaters, HVAC equipment and much more.

If you are looking for unbiased reporting on building components and conditions, from a company that does not conduct construction work, then call AmeriPro as your third-party quality assurance provider. We know we can save you money and expense and reduce the open checkbook affair you have become accustomed to by representing you, not the contractor or remediation company.