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As a building owner/manager, HOA, etc., you have many choices to take when it comes to vendors, and if you are reading this, we very much appreciate your interest in our company.

At AmeriPro, we are more than capable of facilitating your needs from a building consultant/third-party construction management perspective. We do not do any construction work and we report only to the clients we work for. We have extensive construction management and defect diagnostic experience.
  We have represented many building owners/managers over the years and understand the difficulties you face. We all have the same goal: To deliver a qualified service to our clients and building owners.
Our promise to you is that we will never put our company in a position that could result in a conflict of interest with our service offerings. We will always represent you in the most professional manner and ensure that the community’s funding for repairs and building diagnostics is not only spent to the quality and performance.

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