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AmeriPro offers many customized third party quality assurance programs to builders, insurance carriers, asset managers and more. Click here to review our standard third-party quality assurance program for builders.
Third party Quality Assurance

Are you spending money remodeling, adding on to or conducting remediation repairs to your buildings without proper representation? How do you know if the quality is acceptable or not? Are you relying on the building contractor or remediation company to oversee their own work? Who is approving change orders? Who is making sure the manufacturer’s specifications are being followed or the selected products are actually being used? These are only a few areas where hiring a professional inspector qualified in building construction and project management can help you ensure that improvement works starting or in progress are conducted in the manner and quality needed for the peace of mind you as a building owner/manager deserve.

Whether it is a leased unit occupant remodeling or the association under a planned maintenance approach, you need our help.
At AmeriPro, we offer third-party quality assurance programs customized to protect your interests. With this service, we identify the issues up front and prepare the scope and bidding documents and then help you with contractor selection. From here we can inspect the production on a weekly basis, review and negotiate change orders, approve builder payment requests, prepare qualified punch lists, consult with vendors, sub-contractors and more to ensure your money is spent appropriately. We know our services will save you thousands of dollars AND improve the quality of the finished product.
  Don’t let inexperience or lack of planning cost you thousands of unnecessary dollars. Let AmeriPro protect you from the beginning to the end of your capital improvement or new construction contracts.
Click here for more information on third party quality assurance for new construction.

Random Contractor Repair Approvals

Experience has shown that many repairs conducted by building owners/managers are not completed 100% or if finished, not completed correctly. In these cases, repairs made will fail prematurely or worse, cause ADDITIONAL issues increasing your original expense to the owners/managers, often resulting in lost rental income, increased vacancy rates and more.

Why not bring in a third-party quality assurance program to protect your interests? You will not be let down, but your contractors may be a little upset.

In random repair approvals, we inspect every so many units or repairs (we select a random, representative sample depending on the size of the project) for compliance with standard practices, quality and relevant codes. We examine all of the contractor’s paperwork including invoices, proposals, permits, etc. Upon completion of review, we report to the building owner/manager on the quality and/or completion of repair so that payment is made appropriately and with confidence.

This ensures your contractors are held accountable and repairs are completed with quality. It also goes a long way to assure owners of the investment they are making on their real estate is maximized for long term investment.

Capital Improvement Verifications - Improvements underway or just starting

So many times we have been called out to discover building owners/managers replacing roof coverings or siding prematurely or the nightmare of a small repair turned into a major issue overnight bursting the budget previously approved. In these cases, hiring us before the project began could have saved these individuals tremendous amounts of time and money. But just because we aren’t working for you from the beginning, doesn’t mean we can’t help.
  If your project is already underway and you are inundated with owner or tenant complaints, cost overruns, change orders, quality control issues and much more, don’t delay, bring us out to help. It is never too late. Your contractor is still onsite, works are still ongoing, and a third party quality assurance approach will shift the playing field to your advantage.
Having a professional building consultant review and report issues, deal with the contractor bidding and selection and the quality of works underway or problems, approve the cost overruns, contractor payment requests, code violations and much more, is far less stressful and expensive on building owners/managers than the accelerated costs associated with not doing anything. If you choose the latter of going on your own, you run the risk of wasting resources, premature failures, special assessments before they are due and more!