Inspection Tips
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Understand what the “as-is” really is in any transaction, especially foreclosures and short sales. Click Here to view more information on Buying a Home “As-Is”.
Never forego an inspection unless one is already done by a credible company and you have a re-inspection conducted.
Use a real estate agent that will represent you throughout the transaction and will go to bat for you if needed.
Never accept status quo. You may limit your inspection repair allowance to a maximum figure in the real estate contract, but never walk away from a deal just because the inspector finds repairs that far exceed the repair allowance stated in the real estate contract. A good real estate agent will fight your case, and more often than not, will get what you want fixed. Many sellers will escrow funds to closing or reduce the negotiated price!
Choose an EXPERIENCED inspector. DO NOT base your decision on price. What is visible to an experienced inspector is not apparent to an inexperienced inspector. You are paying for the eyes and ears of a veteran. You are relying on this person to help you make a decision on one of the most expensive purchases of your life. If your home is important to you, your inspector should be too.
Expect what you inspect! It is that simple. The latest in technology advancements for infrared diagnostics, indoor air quality evaluations, termite inspections, etc. are all at your finger tips. Take advantage of everything you can to minimize your risk and determine the true condition of your property. Though these services require additional fees, AmeriPro offers a Platinum Plus Inspection Package in which you get all the most important services at a HUGE savings. Today’s average buyer does not have surplus cash to cover unforeseen risks.
  Buyers today are spoiled. Your choices in homes are vast, the availability of an inspector is almost guaranteed and the unemployed contractors are practically knocking down your door. Be careful. Do not get caught up in the discount service approach. Make sure your investment is a solid one, based on sound advice and a solid inspection report.