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Inspection Report Samples

We pride ourselves on our reports and are always willing to show you what you can expect when you enlist our services. Simply click on any of the inspection report types listed below to view a sample of the inspection report.

1. Standard Home Inspection Report
2. Commercial Building Inspection Report
3. Termite Inspection Report
4. 4-Point Insurance Survey
5. Insurance Roof Survey Report
6. Limited Visual Assessment with Rating
7. Limited Visual Assessment without Rating
8. Wind Storm Mitigation Report (OIR 1802)
9. Citizens OIR WBDR 1802 Wind Storm Mitigation Report
10. Citizens Roof Certification
11. Infrared Evaluation Report
12. Moisture Intrusion Analysis Report

No two inspection reports should ever be alike, as every home is different in shape, condition and type. At least that is what is supposed to happen. This is not the case however, with the invention of technology applications with so called “BOILER PLATE” comments and templates. With these applications, inspectors merely point and click to complete a report. They follow a robotic system: See wood decay, click wood decay and a comment populates, See a chimney leak, click the chimney leak section and a comment is populated.

But does the content of this comment explain completely what the problems are and could become with YOUR future home? The likelihood is no. Generic boiler plate reports, while they may look professional, at best are completely subjective and rarely provide conclusive guidance to any user or prospective buyer of a home. The only person that will probably like this report is the seller, because rarely does it suggest definitively for anything to be done.

In essence, our industry has made it so easy to complete an inspection report that anyone can do it. It is therefore up to you, our client, to weed through to “wannabe” inspectors or weekend warriors.

For veteran and experienced inspectors writing a definitive and customized report is not a problem as it is done with every inspection. For newer, inexperienced inspectors it is a completely different story.

When choosing an inspector, you must qualify their experience, reporting system and the content of the reporting system you are about to purchase. Always ask to see a sample of the report they provide. Never leave this up to chance as this is what your informed decision will be made upon!

At AmeriPro we have a number of different reporting systems all dependent upon what inspection type or number of inspection types you choose. All are customized for each home we inspect and all are provided with clear photographs of the issues we find at the inspection.

Here is an overview of our systems:

1. The Home Guide
  The Home Guide is a three-ring binder and inspection report system packed with information relevant to every home inspection. The Home Guide Inspection Report and Manual was designed for homeowners to help them better understand the inspection report and service, in addition to better preparing them for home-ownership. A $50 value, it is provided to every client that uses AmeriPro for a home inspection and has even been purchased and used by hundreds of inspection companies nationwide. It provides both homeowners and even inspectors with a tremendous amount of information relating to defects, maintenance tips and more.
The Home Guide Report System was developed in 1998 by Michael Rowan, President of AmeriPro Inspection Corporation and Inspection Depot, Inc. After surveying the market, Michael discovered that an efficient, user-friendly reporting system was either non-existent or very expensive to the end user. He also concluded that other systems, which perhaps enjoyed client appeal because they were easy to comprehend, lacked a professional appearance and ease of use for the inspector. Michael felt it was important for an inspection company's final report to the client demonstrate both thoroughness and uncompromised professionalism.
The Home Guide system today covers more than 500 specific items broken into 8 primary categories, all of which are assembled in an easy to find format within the Home Guide Binder. The primary categories are as follows: Structure, Exterior, Roof, Plumbing, Electrical, Heating & Cooling, Appliances and Interior.
2. www.PaperlessInspectors.com
  This application was developed to standardize and oversee our inspectors working for us in the unregulated insurance inspection industry. As a result of the development of this system, we have proven to reduce the extent of fraudulent or erroneous reporting that has been experienced by almost every insurance carrier.
The first of its kind, PaperlessInspectors.com is a Third Party Quality Assurance application for the insurance industry. Any inspection company can join the program and use our reports as long as they meet minimum standards, such as experience requirements, background testing, drug testing, training, etc. All inspection companies must also agree to a third party review their inspection report before it is released to the industry as well.

The Quality Assurance components of this application are astonishing. Our built-in data input validations reduce the extent of data entry errors, and reports are not released until audited and approved by our quality assurance department.

This application stores all reports online and they are available to everyone involved the transaction. Whether you are a homeowner, insurance agent, Realtor or insurance carrier; with our client’s permission we can communicate the information to all concerned in a split second. Simply log in and retrieve your report anytime for up to five years.

Of course, we are currently taking the successes of this inspection application to the real estate inspection industry and are looking forward to helping homeowners and concerned real estate agents minimize their liability by providing the same degree of oversight needed to protect everyone involved.
3. Certified Pre-Owned Listing™ Program
  Though it may seem early to you, in the second quarter of 2005, we at AmeriPro experienced firsthand the change in the economic climate. We felt the seller’s market quickly changing to a buyer’s market and as such set out to develop a system to help sellers market their homes more competitively, preparing for the downturn. We have spent more than 24 months perfecting the technology and so far those agents who have taken our system to their sellers have in fact helped them sell their homes faster!
We have had agents sell their listings in less than 11 days, one of which sold in 5 days!!

As a prospective buyer, you can register and download inspection reports for FREE, before you make an offer on a home. Don’t waste money on inspections only to find out that there are too many surprises for you to move forward with the transaction. Please remember there is no perfect home so focus on the major issues on the uploaded inspection report!

At AmeriPro we are always looking out for our customers. To get more information on this program Click Here.
4. Certified Pre-Owned Foreclosure
  This is one of our newest applications and one we are very excited about. In a time where there are so many foreclosures of every type and condition, our application was developed to assist lenders and banks separate their inventory from the rest and attract more buyers that they would otherwise not attract because of the fear of the unknown.
Our research has indicated that most first time buyers are very nervous with foreclosures and in many cases shy away from them, preferring instead to make offers on regular listings and resale homes.

With our Certified Pre-Owned Foreclosure Program, we pre-vet the home and provide the additional peace of mind to help new homeowners make more informed investment decisions.

This application was also developed to allow inspectors to invest their time pre-inspecting foreclosed homes, and rather than charging the bank a fee for the inspection, sell these reports to investor and buyers for a fraction of the fee. As an investor or prospective buyer, if you want to view the report on a specific CPOF, simply register, pay a small fee and download the report.

Everyone wins! For more information on this program, Click Here.