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1. What is infrared technology?
2. How long have you been in business?
3. Why should I use Ameripro Inspection Corp?
4. What type of inspection report will I get?
5. Do you provide photographs?
6. Why should I choose a packaged inspection system?
7. You are more expensive than another company?
8. Are your inspectors back ground checked?
9. How many past customers has AmeriPro worked with?
10. Why did my Realtor recommend three companies and not just you?
What is infrared technology?
Infrared technology is the latest advancement in the inspection industry. We always keep up with the latest trends and in fact, were the first company to outfit each of our inspectors with an infrared camera. We even trained other companies' inspectors on how to use the cameras and technology. Infrared cameras allow us to "see" things that are invisible to the naked eye. It is a non-invasive tool that allows our inspectors to detect hidden leak sources, missing insulation, "hot" electrical wiring and more.
How long have you been in business?
AmeriPro has been in business more than 14 years. Founded in 1994, the company has continued to grow stronger with each year of operation. We began by providing home and commercial inspections and have expanded our array of services to include, new construction monitoring, quality assurance inspections, termite inspections, insurance surveys, 4-point inspections, mold screening assessments, indoor air quality assessments, infrared inspections, roof surveys and the latest addition, windstorm mitigation inspections. Whatever your building inspection needs, we have an inspector on staff to accommodate you.
Why should I use Ameripro Inspection Corp?
From scheduling to the inspection and beyond, you'll be completely satisfied with our company. We have multiple inspectors specializing in different areas of construction to ensure you are taken care of. All of our inspectors have undergone significant training prior to joining our company and undergo the AmeriPro "boot camp" before we allow them to set foot on your property. We carry all the necessary insurances to ensure you are protected on every level. These include Worker's Comp Insurance, General Liability Insurance and we are one of only a few companies to carry Errors & Omissions Insurance for YOUR protection!
What type of inspection report will I get?
Our reports are second to none. Proprietarily developed using almost 20 years experience, The Home Guide intuitively outlines your home, its features, defects and conditions. Our report is easy to read and understand. We take you through each section of the home objectively explaining our findings. The Home Guide is so effective that inspectors and inspection companies nationwide purchase and use it for their business. In addition to your report, our staff is at your service should you have any questions regarding your report following your inspection.
Do you provide photographs?
All reports include photos of defects, safety issues and relevant findings during the inspection. Photographs are edited with descriptions and connected to the defect associated with the picture by number so you can easily find the photo corresponding to the defect.
Why should I choose a packaged inspection system?
The Platinum Plus inspection package is our exclusive service in which we provide ALL your necessary inspection for ONE LOW price! The purchase of this package ensures that you know everything needed to make the most informed decision on the property you are about to purchase. This package will SAVE YOU more than $1300 in inspection fees!
You are more expensive than another company?
It is not necessarily that we are the most expensive, it is just we are the most experienced and one of the most consistent home inspection companies over the last 14 years. Every day we get calls from competitors or online fee quotes trying to see where our fees are at any time and for any service. You will always find that these inspection companies are typically $5-$20 just under our prices. While almost all are single operators, for prospective homeowners and clients not educated in this industry, our services would almost seem to be the same. Of course this is not true, because many don’t carry insurances, do not have the same experience, proven track record, do not have offices and merely work from the back of their truck. As fast as they entered this industry, they leave even faster when a client claim comes in or turn down in business occurs.
Are your inspectors back ground checked?
Absolutely. We do not hire or train any inspector with ensuring you and the persons involved in the transaction are fully protected.
How many past customers has AmeriPro worked with?
Being one of the largest inspection companies, enables us to boast about the volume of inspections we have conducted, but more importantly, is how many customers we have protected over the years. It is thousands and thousands. When looking for a home inspector to work for you, you should treat this choice as importantly as looking for a surgeon to conduct an operation. The bottom line is experience counts and you are about to pay for your home for 30 years. What if a problem is not found!
Why did my Realtor recommend three companies and not just you?
You Real Estate agent must recommend more than one home inspector, just like they recommend more than one contractor. The liability for not giving you the choice is too much. At the same time, you should ask your real estate agent if he or she has pre vetted the list they gave you. Have they confirmed that the inspection companies you their list are at least 2-5 years in the business, do you real estate agents keep certificate of insurances on their files, and have they received confirmation of licensing and other education. When choosing an inspector for such an important part of your whole life, ask the hard questions and do not be afraid.