Exterior Only - Limited Visual Assessment Survey
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Where difficulty arises as far as accessing properties, our inspectors makes every attempt to determine the exterior condition of every home needing assessment.

This is a critical part of any inspection, as any breach in the exterior envelope can have disastrous consequences on the interior condition of a home. Moisture intrusion, leakage, presence of faulty or class action lawsuit siding, poor stucco/plaster practices, synthetic stucco failures, roof age and condition, leakage, flashings, etc. can all have a huge effect on the performance of the home being surveyed.

Our inspection report will catalog all of these components and their respective condition, which will be backed up with photographs for your ease of understanding.

The exterior only limited visual assessment survey includes an assessment of:

1. The exterior roof.
2. The exterior façade and structure.
3. Street views in all directions

These inspection reports are less expensive the full limited visual assessment. To schedule an exterior only inspection Click here.

This report is generated from our online application and packed with quality assurance validations and processes for your protection.