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Property condition assessments are needed for many purposes and for many different groups, here is an overview of each and how we can help.

PCA’s follow typically the layout of the ASTM 2018-08 standards, but this really depends on the depth of inspection our client needs.


Sometimes lenders need PCA’s to determine the condition of the real estate they are about to take on as an asset. Key issues for these clients usually include life safety components, immediate repair or replacement liabilities, general condition and life cycles and costs relating to the same.

Once we understand the needs of the lender, we will customize a inspection program according to their instruction.

Here is an overview of a typical Property Condition Assessment outline based on ASTM standards.

Real Estate Investors

Whether you are purchasing a warehouse or a 20-story building, making informed investment decisions is critical and this is where an AmeriPro Property Condition Assessment can help.

Each PCA will be determined based on your needs. Typically, we conduct an evaluation of all the major components of the building or group of buildings and report accordingly. The degree of evaluations will depend on the depth of inspection you require.

For example, we typically conduct an overview utilizing our “general practitioner” building inspectors first. These inspectors are extremely knowledgeable in all areas of construction and building diagnostics. This is the most cost effective approach for all prospective clients. Our findings can then determine if a more detailed review is needed and by whom.

Sometimes our client’s needs far exceed the “general practitioner” approach and the need for a “surgeon” is essential as part of the team from the beginning. In this case, we deploy specialized individuals in the various areas of concern based on your instructions and budget.

While our fees can be high in price depending on the scope of inspection, the peace of mind from an investment perspective is invaluable and more often than not, far exceeds the cost to remedy list.

Property Condition Assessment:

   Site Assessment
   City Building Department
Building Systems Evaluated
   HVAC Systems
   Data and Telephone
   Fire Suppression Systems
Building Evaluation
   Roof Diaphragm
   Interior Finishes
   Building Envelope
Site Improvements Evaluated
   ADA Access