Infrared Diagnostic Inspections and Water Intrusion
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Are you spending literally thousands of dollars on moisture intrusion issues? Are you using remediation companies/contractors for analyzing the repairs or are you using a third party vendor that only provides independent consultancy services to their clients?

Moisture intrusion is a hot topic today because many building owners/managers are suffering; having given companies an open checkbook to conduct so-called remediation repairs!

Refer to the information on Mold Screening Inspection / Pre-Sampling Mold Inspection / Moisture Intrusion.

At AmeriPro, we can help by providing unbiased evaluations of the true condition of the issue at hand. We use infrared diagnostics as part of this analysis, but there is much more to consider! Our senses are a critical part of this inspection.

With our state-of-the-art infrared diagnostic cameras, we can track leaks, evaluate building facades, analyze flat roofing materials, and determine plumbing defects. We also back the cameras up with additional testing and tools, such as moisture metering devices, inner wall analysis, humidity testing devices and much more. We also use our infrared cameras to analyze electrical panels, switches, receptacles, aluminum wiring, and to determine vulnerable areas for leakage in roofing, wall surfaces, water heaters, HVAC equipment and much more.

If you are looking for unbiased reporting on building components and conditions, from a company that does not conduct construction work, then call AmeriPro as your third-party quality assurance provider. We know we can save you money and expense and reduce the open checkbook affair you have become accustomed to.