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We know your bank cannot always afford complete home inspections, similar to those performed by qualified home inspectors, but that is not to say we can’t provide you with a similar service on a smaller scale! We can provide you with the property knowledge you seek at an affordable rate.

At Ameripro, we have spent a considerable time reviewing the inspection needs of both homeowners and banks in foreclosure situations. From this research, we have developed an online foreclosure inspection report that focuses on the main issues and components of the home, giving you the information needed to negotiate appropriately.

Our foreclosure inspection report is broken down by elements of the home as follows: Structure, Exterior, Roofing, Plumbing, Electrical, Heating, Systems and Appliances and Interior.

The key is to provide the peace on mind first-time or nervous buyers have when considering purchasing a foreclosed home. If you want to move your assets quickly, this service is critical to the sales process. Statistics have shown that it is much easier to sell a pre-inspected home than one where the condition is unknown going into negotiations.

Depending upon access and budgetary constraints, we can customize the inspection to fit your needs. Below is the most commonly sought report.

Limited Visual Assessment Survey - Foreclosure Inspection Report

The Limited Visual Assessment Survey includes an limited analysis of the interior and exterior of the home in question. It includes an assessment of:

1. The roof of the home.
2. The exterior and structure of the home.
3. The electrical system.
4. The plumbing system.
5. The HVAC system.
6. The interior and any appliances being sold with the property.
7. Street views in all directions.

It is a professional standardized report generated from the data entered by the inspector. Click here for a sample of our LVA foreclosure report. While the limited visual assessment is NOT a full home inspection, it does go a long way to help minimize investment risks and inflated or bogus estimates from investors.

This inspection can be connected to our Certified Pre-Owned Foreclosure/Foreclosure Rating Survey report, or conducted without the rating system integrated.

The Certified Pre-Owned program was developed by Ameripro. to provide a confidence rating with each of the components/main elements of the home. The rating system is based on anticipated upcoming maintenance costs and remaining years of life for the various systems and components. It is an extremely informative report for any investor or home purchaser.

For more information on Certified Pre-Owned Foreclosures, Click here.