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Centralized data is major consideration of any inspection management or property management company contemplating conducting large volume inspection contracts. Whether it be foreclosure, insurance, preservation or other inspection contracts, having hundreds of contractors working with their own inspection report types and systems creates a headache for the person organizing the project. In addition, without centralized data, the quality assurance processes cannot be undertaken and the risk of erroneous or fraudulent reporting is much higher.

Relying on PDF reports, email communications, manual tracking, hard copy filing, manual QA, etc. is not good enough when you can have all your contractors submit through an easy-to-use system collecting your data in one place at little cost to you!

As a qualified inspection management company, you must be equipped to handle the needs of multiple inspections and inspectors efficiently. We can help you do just that. Having an online management system with sophisticated quality assurance and client management allows us to deploy a qualified and trained inspector anywhere in the country.

Our online system enables all users, including our banks/lenders and respective underwriters to see and track real time the data collected and the status of the inspection.

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