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IDMA - Inspection Depot Mobile Application

This is the brain center for inspector dat collection. This application must be downloaded before any other inspection apps for inspectors can be opened.
B1-1802 Inspection

Mobile Wind Mitigation Inspection

This is the Wind Mitigation Inspection Report, OIR B1 - 1802 as updated on 20/12.
4 Point Inspection

Mobile Four Point Inspction

This is a four point inspection covering electrical, roof, plumbing and HVAC systems An approved four point Inspection.
General Conditionsand Hazards

Mobile General Conditions and Hazards Report

This is a hazards report that can be used for both commercial and residential.
Sinkhole Inspection

Mobile Sinkhole Insepction Application

This mobile app take inspectors around the entire residential or commercial structure, raising various questions on how to identify potential sinkhole issues and clues.