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Ameripro inspection Corporation has been conducting new construction quality control Punch out inspections since 1995. We have developed and delivered training programs to builders, real estate agents, inspectors and more relating to the building processes, the Florida building code and the effects of faulty construction practices, materials and moisture intrusion on completed construction. Ameripro inspection Corporation brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to any builder looking to increase the quality of their overall construction, hold subcontractors more accountable and to reduce the extent of warranty claims and their effect on branding and customer satisfaction across the board.

AmeriPro also understands that no builder or superintendent sets out to build anything with potential flaws. However, the demand of today’s builders and superintendents time is enormous. Juggling schedules, sub-contractors not showing and affecting production, materials delivery, reporting, code inspection etc. is all daunting and very time consuming. This coupled with trying to keep the cost of home owner ship down by superintendent’s having a large span of control, all have a bearing on the final product. This is where a third set of unbiased eyes is crucial.

AmeriPro has developed a suite of Third Party verification inspection services for new construction to serve our builders, their clients and builder risk carriers. The goal as always is to provide better oversight, increase quality, reduce unnecessary warranty claims, and enhance the branding and good will of every client we work with.

Here is an overview of our services.

If you would like to arrange a meeting or a presentation, please call 1 800 9910142 or Email for a new construction builders package.