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There is not an association we have worked with that does not have at least one resident expert living in the complex.

Depending on the resident expert’s experience, they can be a great asset on the ground during major repair or remodeling works, but they typically lack the ability to confront the contractor on building practices that involve code or performance issues, and are unable in most cases to provide unbiased progress reporting or approve large sum of money for payment of work done correctly.

Many believe they have the know-how and the wherewithal to provide the third-party quality assurance on their own, but from experience, this is not the case. They are an affected resident, not a third party! In addition, most have limited experience in one area of construction or their experience relates to another area of the country irrelevant here. Most are not knowledgeable of the Local or international codes which ever apply, they merely understand the ways and means of field repair protocols.

As professional inspection consultants we welcome this additional help, it provides tremendous cost savings to the associations and can certainly help in approving our prepared minutes of monthly contractors meetings, photographic recording etc., but it should not take the place of a true third-party quality assurance company!