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Right now, you may be asking yourself, “Why in the world would I need an independent inspection to help with the management of my association?”
We used to hear this almost daily, but not so often anymore. Think of the millions of misspent dollars that have been allocated in the last few years for sub-standard repairs or improvements, and quite possibly, the premature replacement of systems or components under capital improvement contracts.
As a Homeowners Association you are responsible for the proper disbursement of funds for all expenses of the HOA and we all know the reaction of residents for special assessments! You can eliminate a majority of these headaches with our services.
Controlling the normal day to day maintenance is normally easy, but unexpected building issues, major repairs and improvements, microbial issues etc. are all areas where associations (if they are not careful) can unnecessarily spend thousands of dollars based on the “facts” in the proposals you are given.
At AmeriPro, we recognize this and are here to protect you from these costly mistakes. We have worked with associations providing unbiased inspections and consultancy services since our founding in 1995. We have saved associations from needlessly spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on premature roof covering or siding replacement, unnecessary painting, and more. When we were called in on each of these jobs, a licensed roofer had told the associations the entire roof system for each building was at the end of its life and needed to be replaced. We have also helped associations control the quality of repairs and improvements, as well as prevent wasteful expenditure on sub-standard repairs and improvements. We have even forced contractors to re-do already completed work, because it was found to be incorrect or unpermitted, and we helped many associations hold hired contractors accountable for their work.

We offer an array of services to homeowners associations and property managers, all of which result in the preservation of your neighborhoods; from the quality of maintenance, upkeep, and the cost.

We want to be your building inspection consultant for life. Call today to discuss your needs and arrange a presentation.