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Firstly, construction management as it relates to third part quality assurance is client representation only. We become the buffer between our client and the building contractors, managing the quality of repairs or construction, approving payment schedules; preparation standardized bidding document and specification, building diagnostics and etc…

Commercial building managers and the building’s respective owners spend millions of dollars every year on capital and maintenance expenditures for their associations. In most cases, the entire contract and budget are managed by the appointed building contractor doing the work that traditionally bid on their own prepared specifications with the owner or management company and oversees their own quality and production for the project, NOT an independent company that is employed to represent the association before, during and after the building contract. Experience has proven that this contract procurement process does not work because their services end up costing the property many times more than originally planned in premature repair contracts and special assessments. Many HOA’s commercial building owners, etc. have suffered at the hands of premature failures or major capital improvements, repair or more because of quality issues that could have been avoided with proper oversight on earlier contracts.

  From a building owner’s perspective, there must not be a conflict of interest between the third-party construction management company and the building contractor for the works being conducted. When an application for payment is made by the contractor to the building or property manager for say $125,000, 25% of work done, this work needs to be approved by an independent third-party construction management company to ensure that money is being well spent.
When issues arise with a building contract, then the commercial building owner needs the assurance and representation to ensure they are receiving the level of improvements they are paying for. Whether you need payment certificate approvals, quality control inspections, specification writing, contract management or defects liability assessment, AmeriPro’s inspectors are here for you throughout the construction process.
  Here is a brief overview of our services for a Third-Party Construction Project Management program. As a commercial building owner, this can be broken down or adapted to suit your specific needs. We will ensure you are getting what you are paying for and the work is completed in the quality you deserve.
Pre Contract:
  • Meet with commercial building owners/managers and discuss client’s needs.
  • Analyze building / project and prepare assessment of project including anticipated budget, risks, contractors, timing, contract period, contractor selection issues etc.
  • Once approval achieved, prepare contract documents, specifications, works schedules, contract preliminaries etc., to be used for bidding purposes.
  • Arrange contractor selection meetings with association and setting release dates and bidding period.
  • Review all submitted bids, analyze breakdowns of builder’s costs and their preliminary inclusions such as closed off storage areas, containers, temporary buildings, health and safety issues, work hours etc. request additional information from contractors as needed and prepare bid recommendation report to building owners/managers to approve and appoint contractor.
  • Contractor selected and signed off with building owners/managers attorney.
  • Set up pre-contract meeting, with owner representatives and contractor, following a strict agenda of all contract and building owners/managers requirements including cleanliness of site, work hours, tenants/owners interference, progress of work, program of works, quality of work, payment schedules and more.
  • Establish monthly progress meetings and complete minutes and forward to all for approval.
  • Establish commencement dates and monthly meeting dates.
  • Document commencement date.
During Contract:
  • Conduct weekly or bi weekly meetings as needed to assess the quality of work.
  • Provide second opinion services for both the contractor and building owners/managers for unforeseen work or change orders to be approved accordingly. Catalog and photograph progress and prepare monthly reports to building owners/managers as needed.
  • Establish monthly progress meetings, chair and complete minutes for all concerned parties accordingly.
  • Conduct builder’s payment request inspections and approve certificate for payment upon successful punch list-free inspection.
  • Approve all change orders or specifications diversions as needed.
  • Provide onsite QA service full time if needed.
  • Provide owner/tenant communication system during course of contract as needed.
  • Report to building owners/managers monthly as needed.
  • Provide quality assurance throughout contract period as needed.
Post Contract:
  • Analyze builders final account, prepare approval for certificate for payment, documenting all change orders, queries, overages etc. Special attention is paid to contingency sums/figures allowed in contract for unforeseen/hidden damages.
  • Review all homeowner/tenant issues during the course of the defects liability period, typically 1 year. Organize with contractor for repairs accordingly.
  • Conduct an end of defect liability period inspection and prepare final punch list and deliver to building owners/managers and contractor.
  • Provide QA review on a representative sample of completed work as needed from defects liability punch list.
  • Approve final release of holding money and defects liability to building contractor upon completion of punch list.
  • Participate with building owners/managers as need throughout the 1 Year Defects Liability period.
The above process will vary in structure and complexity from project to project. Smaller projects need far less involvement and may only need a sampling process from a quality assurance perspective.

That said, your project, no matter how large or small, needs an independent party representing your interests at every step. Having third party quality assurance and independent construction management representation is a must for all owners/managers to ensure the quality of work being conducted, to prevent contract overages and guarantee your money is spent appropriately.

AmeriPro has a lot of experience in this field and is more than capable of helping building owners/managers, property managers and apartment managers with controlling costs and quality of construction with every project.